$44 RSWLY Car Model Children's Toy Alloy Engineering Car Die-Casting Toys Games Vehicles Die-Casting,Engineering,Car,Car,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Model,RSWLY,Alloy,Toy,/hyposyllogistic1550877.html,$44,Toys Games , Vehicles,Children's Die-Casting,Engineering,Car,Car,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Model,RSWLY,Alloy,Toy,/hyposyllogistic1550877.html,$44,Toys Games , Vehicles,Children's $44 RSWLY Car Model Children's Toy Alloy Engineering Car Die-Casting Toys Games Vehicles RSWLY Car Award Model Children's Alloy Engineering Toy Die-Casting RSWLY Car Award Model Children's Alloy Engineering Toy Die-Casting

RSWLY Car Award Model Children's Alloy Engineering Toy Die-Casting Fresno Mall

RSWLY Car Model Children's Toy Alloy Engineering Car Die-Casting


RSWLY Car Model Children's Toy Alloy Engineering Car Die-Casting

Product description

Best gift toy-car model is very easy to use. It is very suitable for children to play, and also very suitable for car model lovers to collect as decoration. For adults in the office, this is a good stress relief toy.
We provide the best service. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, you can leave us a message by email. We will deal with it as soon as possible and give you a satisfactory result.
Car model children's toy alloy engineering car die-casting car 1:50 two-way forklift excavator toy model gift collection
Product Name: Two-way forklift excavator
Toy type: metal toy
Car series: Die casting model
Model type: finished product
Suitable age: 3 years old or older
Ratio: 1/50
Size: 23 * 4.5 * 6cm
Mechanical arm elongation: 23cm
Material: zinc alloy, plastic
1. Manually measure the size of the car model. There may be a slight error of 1-5 mm. Please refer to the actual product.
2. Please note that there may be chromatic aberration between the image and the actual object due to light and screen display problems.
3. Young children need to be accompanied by an adult while playing to avoid accidental swallowing and danger.
Dear customers and friends, thank you for your support and trust in our products, and look forward to providing you with better products and services next time.
1. Only for domestic use.
2. Not suitable for children under 6 years.
3. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

RSWLY Car Model Children's Toy Alloy Engineering Car Die-Casting

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