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Fascy Lab Korean Skin Super-cheap Care Time sale Treatment S Set — Ceramide Hydrating

Fascy Lab Korean Skin Care Treatment — Ceramide Hydrating Set, S


Fascy Lab Korean Skin Care Treatment — Ceramide Hydrating Set, S

Product description

?Ceramide is a film in the skin that has the funstion to protect it from irritating external factors. Where there is a lack of ceramide, the skin tends to easily get dried and crack due to lack of moisture. There is more dead skin cell appearance, rough skin and wrinkles. Our Ceramide Line can be used for sensitive skin, provides moisture and strength to skin barrier. ✨ Our Korean Skin Care Set was designed a deeply moisturizing routine, taking control of dead skin cells and impurities with a gently, non-toxic Peeling 1-2 times per week. Completing your skin care routine with our ceramide serum and cream for skin barrier strenghtening and soothing effect! Highly recommended to sensitive, dry skin due to our hypoallergenic and mild acidic formula. ? Our Collagen Dual Ceramide treatment also comes with our gently facial exfoliator! Contains PHA and Probiotics 4 Complex which ensureS to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells left after cleansing and the same time provides extra moisture, minimizing irritation risks. Note: Use it after cleansing and towel drying your face, Apply and moderate amount and roll it, dead skin cells are pushed out by gommage peeling ❗ All our products have effectively passed the irritation test. For more information about how to benefits and ingredients properties, please visit each product detailed page.

Fascy Lab Korean Skin Care Treatment — Ceramide Hydrating Set, S

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