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Oakland Mall Violin Outfit Max 63% OFF 4 Flame Professional One-Piece Fortified

Violin Outfit 4/4 Flame One-Piece Professional Fortified Violin


Violin Outfit 4/4 Flame One-Piece Professional Fortified Violin

Product description

The violin has an exquisite appearance, enhances your artistic temperament, and enhances your self-confidence.
Easy installation: You can easily start the violin installation journey of the bridge.
Fingerboard Material: Ebony
Face Material: Spruce
Tailpiece Material: Dark Wood
Back / Side Material: Maple

Buyer will get vilolin exactly the same as shown
Pre-tested,Ready to Play
Free good case amp; Ebony Bow
How to choose the right size violin?
Clamp the violin to your chin and extend your left arm to touch the violin reel. If you can hold the scroll with your left hand, then this violin is for you. If the fingers of your left hand can only touch the scroll, the violin is a bit big for you. If your left wrist can touch the scroll, it means that the violin is a bit small for you.

Violin Outfit 4/4 Flame One-Piece Professional Fortified Violin

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