$147 NUGYE Car Model Alloy Car Casting-car Model Simulation 1/18 Rati Toys Games Vehicles NUGYE Great interest Car Model Alloy Casting-car 18 1 Rati Simulation Model,NUGYE,Car,1/18,Rati,Casting-car,Car,www.turmadofundao.com.br,$147,Simulation,Toys Games , Vehicles,/Cotinus1550779.html,Alloy,Model NUGYE Great interest Car Model Alloy Casting-car 18 1 Rati Simulation Model,NUGYE,Car,1/18,Rati,Casting-car,Car,www.turmadofundao.com.br,$147,Simulation,Toys Games , Vehicles,/Cotinus1550779.html,Alloy,Model $147 NUGYE Car Model Alloy Car Casting-car Model Simulation 1/18 Rati Toys Games Vehicles

NUGYE Great interest Car Model Alloy Casting-car 18 1 Great interest Rati Simulation

NUGYE Car Model Alloy Car Casting-car Model Simulation 1/18 Rati


NUGYE Car Model Alloy Car Casting-car Model Simulation 1/18 Rati

Product description


Every boy should have his own car model. The car model is a good memory of childhood and a bridge to build friendship with friends.
If your friend has a little boy at home, you can buy it and give it to him as a gift, he will like you very much!
Toy type: metal toy
Model name: Car Model
Applicable gender: neutral
Ratio: 1/18
Model type: finished product
Color classification: red
Applicable age: 6 years or older
Model material: alloy, ABS plastic
Product use: collection + decoration + entertainment + gifts
Note: Small items are included in the package to prevent accidental swallowing. Please let the children play under the supervision of an adult;
There are specific labels on the model size sheet. Please pay attention to the size before buying!
1. Please note that due to lighting effects, display brightness/contrast settings, etc., there may be slight differences between the color tones of website photos and actual items.
2. The items measured manually may differ by 1-3 cm. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.
3. We will try our best to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.
4.If you have any questions, we will deal with your problem as soon as possible. We have been there and will be with you.

NUGYE Car Model Alloy Car Casting-car Model Simulation 1/18 Rati

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