With,Toys Games , Vehicles,AFHDS,Output,Gy,/photoradiogram1863222.html,FS-BS6,2A,Receiver,Flysky,$21,6CH,PWM,RC,www.turmadofundao.com.br,2.4GHz $21 Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A RC Receiver PWM Output With Gy Toys Games Vehicles $21 Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A RC Receiver PWM Output With Gy Toys Games Vehicles Denver Mall Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A Gy RC With Receiver Output PWM With,Toys Games , Vehicles,AFHDS,Output,Gy,/photoradiogram1863222.html,FS-BS6,2A,Receiver,Flysky,$21,6CH,PWM,RC,www.turmadofundao.com.br,2.4GHz Denver Mall Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A Gy RC With Receiver Output PWM

Denver Mall Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A Gy RC With Receiver shipfree Output PWM

Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A RC Receiver PWM Output With Gy


Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A RC Receiver PWM Output With Gy

Product description

Features:1. 6CH PWM channels, AFHDS 2A, 2.4GHz wireless frequency.2. It is made of good material, which is durable.3. It has good performance and fine workmanship.Description:With portable size, it is easy and convenient to carry and use.Specifications:Brand Name: FlySkyItem Name: FS-BS6 ReceiverDimensions: 30 * 21 * 21 mmWeight: 20gPWM channels: 6CHWireless frequency: 2.4GHzWireless protocol: AFHDS 2ARange: 100 - 300m (ground)Antenna type: single antenna (180m)Power: 4.0-6.5VRSSI: SupportedData port: PWMTemperature range: -10 ℃ — + 60 ℃Humidity range: 20% -95%Online Update: YesCertification: CE, RCM, FCC ID: N4ZBS600Package Included:FS-BS6 Receiver * 1Notes:1. Please allow 0-1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from real object.

Flysky FS-BS6 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A RC Receiver PWM Output With Gy

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