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Max 81% OFF 4 Antique Oil Varnished Violin 2021 autumn and winter new

4/4 Antique Oil Varnished Violin Violin


4/4 Antique Oil Varnished Violin Violin

Product description

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The violin looks exquisite and is an ideal choice for friends, family and relatives. It can produce warmth and better resonance.
Size: 4/4
Face Material: Spruce
Bow Material: Brazil Wood
Tailpiece Material: Dark Wood
Fingerboard Material: Ebony
Top Material: maple
Back / Side Material: Maple

Projects include:
A black rectangle
High-grade wooden bow

Packing details:
A violin box
A bow
Measurement method: Measure the length from the neck to the middle of the palm of the left hand. Fully straighten your hands and lift them perpendicular to your body, as if holding a violin. This measurement will determine the largest size you should use.

4/4 Antique Oil Varnished Violin Violin

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