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Drawer Knobs Kids Donuts Plants Dresser Knobs Cute Drawer Knobs


Drawer Knobs Kids Donuts Plants Dresser Knobs Cute Drawer Knobs

Product description


Package: A set of 12
Material:Crystal glass,stainless steel screw,plastic
Size:1.38×1.10in,Screw size 1.1x0.31in/1.37x0.31in (28x8mm/35x8mm)

The cabinet knobs has a set of four handles,and its surface is made of crystal glass,smooth and crystall.It looks like a photo is sandwiched inside,which has a 3D visual effect.No only on the material, design or visual,The knob is unique.Our knob is made of plastic and is lighter in weight,the screw is stainless steel,not easy to rust.

Suitable For
This knobs and pulls are not only suitable for your cabinets,closet,cupboard,drawers,shoe cabinets,it can also be used as a home decoration,hanging on the wall.Life needs poetic dwelling,looking for a clean in the hustle and bustle of life,casually matching with a simple decoration,writing the quiet tone of the years.

Pattern Design
We have a wide selection of patterns,including starry sky,unicorn,cute cartoon,animal,simple and elegant pattern style.Every needs you want,please let me know.

Due to the nature of the monitor,the color of the object may be different from the picture.
If you have any question about the item,please email me freely.I will reply you with the utmost sincerity.

Drawer Knobs Kids Donuts Plants Dresser Knobs Cute Drawer Knobs

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