$182 SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Arm/Leg Exercise Cycling Trai Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Cycling Arm Our shop most popular Exercise Leg Trai $182 SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Arm/Leg Exercise Cycling Trai Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Exerciser,-,Exercise,Cycling,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Arm/Leg,/laughterless1863168.html,SXFYGYQ,Electric,$182,Pedal,Trai,www.turmadofundao.com.br Exerciser,-,Exercise,Cycling,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Arm/Leg,/laughterless1863168.html,SXFYGYQ,Electric,$182,Pedal,Trai,www.turmadofundao.com.br SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Cycling Arm Our shop most popular Exercise Leg Trai

SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Cycling Arm Our Finally popular brand shop most popular Exercise Leg Trai

SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Arm/Leg Exercise Cycling Trai


SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Arm/Leg Exercise Cycling Trai

Product description

Product Name: Electric Rehabilitation Bicycle
Rated Voltage: 220V (110V unavailable)
rated power: 70W/50HZ

(1) Shell: ABC Resin Plastic Material
(2) Pedal connecting rod: special steel
(3) Pedal: ABC resin material

-Functions: Regular movement, positive and negative direction, anti--spasm settings, hand shake, foot tread.
-Operating mode: keys, remote control.
-Speed gear: 12 Speed adjustment.
-Remote control connection key display: switch, screen display mode, timing settings, down reversal direction, deceleration, acceleration.
-Spreadsheet display: rotation, speed, time, distance, calories

SXFYGYQ Electric Pedal Exerciser - Arm/Leg Exercise Cycling Trai

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