KYT Music discount Full Size Tuba BBb Key Rotary 4 Lacquer Cupronick Gold $1393 KYT Music Full Size Tuba BBb Key 4 Rotary Gold Lacquer Cupronick Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Cupronick,Tuba,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,/itatartrate1863009.html,Lacquer,Key,Size,$1393,Rotary,Gold,Music,,Full,BBb,KYT,4 $1393 KYT Music Full Size Tuba BBb Key 4 Rotary Gold Lacquer Cupronick Musical Instruments Band Orchestra KYT Music discount Full Size Tuba BBb Key Rotary 4 Lacquer Cupronick Gold Cupronick,Tuba,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,/itatartrate1863009.html,Lacquer,Key,Size,$1393,Rotary,Gold,Music,,Full,BBb,KYT,4

KYT Music discount Full Size Tuba 55% OFF BBb Key Rotary 4 Lacquer Cupronick Gold

KYT Music Full Size Tuba BBb Key 4 Rotary Gold Lacquer Cupronick


KYT Music Full Size Tuba BBb Key 4 Rotary Gold Lacquer Cupronick

Product description

Tuba BBb Key 4 Rotary

Tuba 4 Rotary Detail:Gold Lacquer, 4 Rotary, Cupronickel Tunning Slide, Rose Brass Leadpipe, with ABS Case

BELL SIZE:16.73'',

BORE SIZE: 075'';


Rich Experience and High Quality


Founded in 2000 as a manufacturer of musical instruments, KYT Music has established a reputation for quality, traditonal sound, and craftsmanship throughout Europe, Asia and the Amaricas.

Highly regarded for creating quality instruments, accessories, prompt delivery and service, KYT Music positioned itself as a company that could be counted on with confidence.

We take product quality seriously.We have professional team with vitality, enthusiasm, the team of conversationalist, stickers of quality and after-sale service.

Each instrument will be tested by Quality Inspection Department when ready to leave our factory.

KYT Music Full Size Tuba BBb Key 4 Rotary Gold Lacquer Cupronick

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