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Mannequin Super beauty product New mail order restock quality top Dummy Body Tailor Torso Seamstress

Mannequin Dummy Mannequin Body Seamstress Tailor Torso Mannequin


Mannequin Dummy Mannequin Body Seamstress Tailor Torso Mannequin

Product description

Brand: Chihen

Name: Tailor model

Material: artificial leather fabric, wood, metal, plastic

Base color: wood color

Additional features: removable, height adjustable

Size M: Shoulder Chest 38cm 62cm 84cm waist hip 84cm

*The mannequin is great to display dresses, blouses and many other pieces of clothing.

★ Best wishes! Welcome!

Mannequin Dummy Mannequin Body Seamstress Tailor Torso Mannequin

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