$625 Jennifer Taylor Home Aspen Vertical Tufted Headboard Platform Be Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Be,Taylor,Tufted,$625,/hyposyllogistic1862977.html,Platform,Vertical,Home,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Aspen,Headboard,Jennifer Home Kitchen , Furniture,Be,Taylor,Tufted,$625,/hyposyllogistic1862977.html,Platform,Vertical,Home,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Aspen,Headboard,Jennifer Jennifer Taylor Home Wholesale Aspen Vertical Tufted Be Headboard Platform Jennifer Taylor Home Wholesale Aspen Vertical Tufted Be Headboard Platform $625 Jennifer Taylor Home Aspen Vertical Tufted Headboard Platform Be Home Kitchen Furniture

Genuine Jennifer Taylor Home Wholesale Aspen Vertical Tufted Be Headboard Platform

Jennifer Taylor Home Aspen Vertical Tufted Headboard Platform Be


Jennifer Taylor Home Aspen Vertical Tufted Headboard Platform Be

Product description

A simple yet elegant look gives the Aspen Upholstered Platform Bed by Sandy Wilson Home a modern yet timeless feel. The subtle vertical channel tufting of the low headboard and simple, solid wood legs are a nod to a retro 70's look, made modern by the graceful, curved wings that sweep seamlessly into the side- and foot-panels for a completely unique platform design. Available in Queen, King and California King sizes in all the trend worthy colors from Evergreen to Ash Rose to Anthracite Black, the Aspen Bed Set is the perfect centerpiece to your master suite, guest room, or teen's room.

Features :

Benchmade home furnishing products carefully hand built by experienced craftsmen and women
A sturdy frame of kiln-dried solid hardwood and 11-layer plywood
Upholstered in high-quality woven fabric
Metal frame with ribs, and need only one mattress
Premium high-density flame-retardant foam for a luxurious medium firm feel
Recommended mattress height of 7-14 inches.

Specifications :

Upholstery Color : Light Blush Pink
Product Dimensions : 79"W X 86"D X 42.5"H
Weight Capacity : 900 lbs
Assembly Required : Yes
Product Weight : 107 lbs
Upholstery Material : Velvet.

Jennifer Taylor Home Aspen Vertical Tufted Headboard Platform Be

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