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Computer Desk Ranking TOP1 with Shelves for Home Writing Office Study Ta Cheap mail order sales 55

Computer Desk with Shelves for Home Office, 55" Writing Study Ta


Computer Desk with Shelves for Home Office, 55" Writing Study Ta

Product description

Size:55 Inches

Product description:
Product size: length 55.27 inches * width 23.6 inches * height 29.5 inches

High-quality materials: made of high-quality and durable particleboard and metal.

Ensure longer product life and enhance durability.

Features: Double-layer storage shelves leave plenty of space for daily office supplies.

Adjustable screen riser stand to help you organize your desktop.

Extra 2pcs cable organizer, which you can attach to your wall or desk, helps you organize your work area better

Two-color contrast, splicing design, bright colors bring unique exquisite charm.

Package Included: 1×storage desk,1x2 tier stand,2xcable clips, 1×assembly manual, 1×assembly tool

Computer Desk with Shelves for Home Office, 55" Writing Study Ta

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