Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Po Motor price Ultra Dual /essentially1819674.html,,$1908,Dual,Folding,Ultra,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Mobility Aids Equipment,Motor,Electric,250W,Wheelchair,Po,Lightweight $1908 Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Dual Motor Ultra Po Mobility Daily Living Aids Mobility Aids Equipment /essentially1819674.html,,$1908,Dual,Folding,Ultra,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Mobility Aids Equipment,Motor,Electric,250W,Wheelchair,Po,Lightweight Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Po Motor price Ultra Dual $1908 Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Dual Motor Ultra Po Mobility Daily Living Aids Mobility Aids Equipment

Lightweight Dallas Mall Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Po Motor price Ultra Dual

Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Dual Motor Ultra Po


Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Dual Motor Ultra Po

Product description

An expertly designed and extremely well crafted frame for comfortable riding, supporting users up to 400 pounds to not only meet, but exceed the growing demands and expectations of users who cherish independence, mobility and comfort.

We are aware finding a lightweight, strong and sturdy model isn't an easy task, but we have successfully combined these three important features in one reliable electric wheelchair. If you believe in Quality make this Chair yours today!

Motor power: 250W*2

Overall length: 110cm

Overall width: 63.5cm

Overall height: 96.5cm

Sitting width: 45cm

Backrest height: 39.5cm

Seat depth: 43.5cm

Front wheel: 10′′

Rear wheel: 18′′

Max Speed:6 km/Hr

Maximum climbing ability: 8°

Bearing capacity: 100kg

Charging time: 6-8 hours

Net weight: 40 kg

Controller: Universal handle

Dual mode: electric or manual

Features: foldable - fast folding, easy to carry

Miles Per Charge: 20-25 km, depending on terrain and user weight

Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair 250W Dual Motor Ultra Po

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Livingston County, Michigan
News-Release-District-8-Vacancy-4-1-2020.pdfL.E.T.S. Public Transportation
3950 W Grand River
Howell, MI 48855
Regular Service Hours:
Mon-Fri, 6am-9pm
Limited Saturday: 7:30am-4:30pm
Dialysis Centers:
As needed & available

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm
Ph:  517.546.6600
Fax: 517.546.5088

COVID-19 Information

Livingston County Health Department's COVID-19 information, resources, and updates.

August 18, 2021

Additional vaccine doses for moderately to severely immunocompromised people: On August 13, 2021, Livingston County Health Department is now offering additional (third) doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to those eligible. Please bring your COVID-19 immunization card to the apppointment. 

Residents are strongly encouraged to talk with their primary care provider (or treatment team who cares for their immunosuppressive condition) to determine the degree of immune compromise and identify an appropriate timing for an additional vaccine dose.

At this time, third doses are not authorized or recommended for individuals who are not immunocompromised. 

Vaccine for ages 12-15: The FDA has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 and up. Click here to check appointment availability. 

If you are interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccine, please check our COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling webpage for availability. 

Find locations offering COVID-19 vaccinations near you:

Livingston County Health Department vaccine guidance

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LivCo Alerts-New Emergency Alert System, Effective 12/31/2020 Public Safety Officials in Livingston County are announcing that LivCo Alerts is now available to all residents. Rave Mobile Safety is a free service that allows individuals to sign up for notifications sent from state and local authorities. LivCo Alerts keeps residents and travelers informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic, and other emergencies. Click Read More (below) for the Press Release. Sign up at: Sign up
Recent Election Results View recent Election Results. Election Results
Interactive Map Gallery Livingston County GIS provides a number of interactive maps, including: Election Results, Polling Locations, Parcel Maps, Crime Maps, etc. Read MORE

Board Vacancies

Livingston County Board of Commissioners

is seeking candidates to serve on the Livingston County Planning Commission and the Michigan Department of Human Services Board.

Livingston County Board of Commissioners' Board Meetings
Agendas and Minutes

View Meeting Recordings

Featured County Events

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EventDate,Start Time
<View><Query><Where><Geq><FieldRef Name="EndDate" /><Value Type="DateTime"><Today /></Value></Geq></Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name="EventDate" /></OrderBy></Query><RowLimit>5</RowLimit></View>
Full Board Meeting 4/13/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Canceled-Plat Board Special Meeting 4/14/2021 2:30 PM
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 4/19/2021 5:30 PM Dola-Dola Wood Screen Room Divider Broken Bridge Folding Screen
Finance Committee 4/21/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Meeting 4/21/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 4/21/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 4/21/2021 6:30 PM Ramy Brook Women's Nico Half Sleeve Mini Dress
Full Board Meeting 4/26/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Finance Committee 5/5/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 5/10/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 5/17/2021 5:30 PM KMSG Embroidery Door Curtians for Doorways Kitchen Curtains and
Finance Committee 5/19/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Meeting 5/19/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 5/19/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 5/19/2021 6:30 PM Quik Loc Stage And Studio Speaker Cable (SB/24055)
Full Board Meeting 5/24/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Memorial Day - Offices Closed 5/31/2021 Memorial Day - Offices Closed
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 6/7/2021 5:30 PM RAB Lighting LL322VG 3 Tier Lawn Path Fixture, A-19 Type, 75W Po
Finance Committee 6/9/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 6/14/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Personnel Committee Meeting 6/16/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 6/16/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 6/16/2021 6:30 PM Rebecca Taylor Women's Belted Wrap Front Jacket
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 6/21/2021 5:30 PM Anime Figurine Statues PVC Anime Figure 16Cm Dragon Anime Charac
Finance Committee 6/23/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 6/28/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Independence Day (Observed) - Offices Closed 7/5/2021 Independence Day - Offices Closed (Observed)
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 7/6/2021 5:30 PM Anime cosplay wigs,Danganronpa Mikan Tsumiki cosplay wig with wi
Finance Committee 7/7/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 7/12/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 7/19/2021 5:30 PM Portable High Pressure Water Gun Easy To Use 7 Function Garden W
Finance Committee 7/21/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Meeting 7/21/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 7/21/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 7/21/2021 6:30 PM QIAOZ Wall Art ,Africa Elephant Animal Landscape Oil Painting
Full Board Meeting 7/26/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 8/2/2021 5:30 PM Youdert Cosplay wig Orange short hair before bangs Anime Costume
Finance Committee 8/4/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 8/9/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 8/16/2021 5:30 PM MOMOY Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper, Household Vegetable Sli
Finance Committee 8/18/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Meeting 8/18/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 8/18/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 8/18/2021 6:30 PM Vrkajzew red wine printed outdoor shoulder insulation bag,picnic
Full Board Meeting 8/23/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Labor Day - Offices Closed 9/6/2021 Labor Day - Offices Closed
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 9/7/2021 5:30 PM TDG Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants, Pack of 5, Large
Finance Committee 9/8/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 9/13/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Personnel Committee Meeting 9/15/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 9/15/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 9/15/2021 6:30 PM Amrapur Overseas Antonella 8-Piece Pleated Comforter Set, Queen,
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 9/20/2021 5:30 PM zzzdxqeyy Propeller Props ,for Eachine EX5 ,for 5G 4K HD WiF
Finance Committee 9/22/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 9/27/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 10/4/2021 5:30 PM YANGENG Honkai Impact 3 Rita Rossweisse 9 Inch Premium Edition 1
Finance Committee 10/6/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Columbus Day - Offices Closed 10/11/2021 Columbus Day - Offices Closed
Full Board Meeting 10/12/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 10/18/2021 5:30 PM BḌSM Toỵs Ḟemale Stainḷess Stẹel Meṭal Neḉk Ḉoll
Finance Committee 10/20/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Meeting 10/20/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 10/20/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 10/20/2021 6:30 PM Amana Tool - SC586 Carbide Tipped 3-Wing Roman Ogee Reversible S
Full Board Meeting 10/25/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 11/1/2021 5:30 PM Bamboo House Decor Collection Blackout Curtains - Gasket Insulat
Finance Committee 11/3/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 11/8/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Veterans' Day - Offices Closed 11/11/2021 Veterans' Day - Office Closed
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 11/15/2021 5:30 PM Fabater Simply Install Durable Rubber Milking Machine Liner, 4 P
Finance Committee 11/17/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Meeting 11/17/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 11/17/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 11/17/2021 6:30 PM Max Lily L Shape Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Bookcase, Grey
Full Board Meeting 11/22/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Thanksgiving Day - Offices Closed 11/25/2021 Thanksgiving Day Office Closed
Day After Thanksgiving Day - Offices Closed 11/26/2021 Friday after Thanksgiving Day Office Closed
General Government & Health & Human Services Meeting 12/6/2021 5:30 PM Mower Deck Spindle Fits Lazer Z Metro Phazer Tracer Turf Ranger
Finance Committee 12/8/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Full Board Meeting 12/13/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
Personnel Committee Meeting 12/15/2021 8:00 AM Personnel Committee Meeting
Veterans' Committee 12/15/2021 6:00 PM Veterans' Committee Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting 12/15/2021 6:30 PM Camo Netting with Mesh Backing, 4X8m(13ft X 26ft) Desert Digital
Infrastructure & Dev.& Pub.Safety Meeting 12/20/2021 5:30 PM Nander Abstract Green Shamrock Patrick's Day Bath Towel Wraps 3P
Finance Committee 12/22/2021 7:30 AM Finance Committee
Christmas Eve (Observed) - Offices Closed 12/23/2021 Christmas Eve Day - Office Closed
Christmas Day (Observed) - Offices Closed 12/24/2021 Christmas Day - Office Closed
Full Board Meeting 12/27/2021 5:30 PM Full Board Meeting
New Year's Eve (Observed) - Offices Closed 12/30/2021 New Year's Eve Day - Office Closed
New Year's Day (Observed) - Offices Closed 12/31/2021 5:00 PM