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ZJING Goose Down Sleep Pillow, Luxurious Indoor Soft Bed Pillow,


ZJING Goose Down Sleep Pillow, Luxurious Indoor Soft Bed Pillow,

Product description

Product parameters
Product Name: Goose down sleep pillow
Fabric: 50% cotton + 50% silk
Filling: white goose down
Specification: 48*74CM
Quantity: 2

Down pillow features:
The down pillow can provide better support for the head, and it will not be deformed due to the use for a long time. The down has the advantages of light weight, breathability and no sultry heat, which can promote blood circulation of the brain, improve insomnia and improve sleep quality.

Use and maintenance:
1 Take a few taps from the bag for the first time, let the down pillow restore its characteristic fluffy.
2 Down is a natural thing, if there is a slight smell, it is normal. Once used, it will gradually disappear. The inner layer of down is a series of treatments after washing and disinfecting. The color containing a little black is a natural color of down, which is not a quality problem.
3 If you don't use it, put the pillow in the ventilated place and put it in the storage bag. Do not expose it to the sun!
4 is not suitable for washing, it is recommended to use pillowcase or dry cleaning.
5 Do not pierce the pillow with a sharp object to prevent the feather from overflowing. If you find that the down pillow has a hole, do not use the needle thread to make up.

ZJING Goose Down Sleep Pillow, Luxurious Indoor Soft Bed Pillow,

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