$120,Fitness,Portable,www.turmadofundao.com.br,WCHCJ,Device,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Assistant,Suck,Bar,/erythrasma1819897.html,Sit-Up,Sit-ups $120,Fitness,Portable,www.turmadofundao.com.br,WCHCJ,Device,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Assistant,Suck,Bar,/erythrasma1819897.html,Sit-Up,Sit-ups $120 WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device, Fitness Portable Sit-Up Bar Suck Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $120 WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device, Fitness Portable Sit-Up Bar Suck Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device Fitness Bar Portable Sit-Up shop Suck WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device Fitness Bar Portable Sit-Up shop Suck

WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device Fitness Bar Portable Sit-Up shop Suck Discount mail order

WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device, Fitness Portable Sit-Up Bar Suck


WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device, Fitness Portable Sit-Up Bar Suck

Product description


Gross Weight: 290g
Package Size: 23.5 x 14 x 16 cm
Material: ABS
Package Includes: 1 x sit-up bar
Helping you play sit-ups,push-ups, side kick,belly movement,stretching back,elbow plank,press-up,etc.Good to exercise your abdomen,reduce abdominal muscles and shape your body.
Light weight and portable design,small occupation,portable for a work out anytime,anywhere,easy to install and Storage,convenient to use.
The thick foam soft and comfortable, protect the instep from pain. The cold-rolled steel with high strength, high hardness and bright surface. diameter large suction rubber chassis with strong suction and stability.
Easy for home installation without any tools,find a clean flat ground first,then put the sit up bar on the ground and pull down the lock. Last adjust the gear position to fit your feet.
Couldn't use on wooden floors. Apply to smooth floors:1. tiles floor 2. concrete-cured 3. any other smooth floors. Make sure the floor and the sucking pad are clean before using(Add a little water can easy to sucking it on the floor).
Push-up exercise frame thickening widened double-layer corrugated foam, high elasticity, good shock absorption

WCHCJ Sit-ups Assistant Device, Fitness Portable Sit-Up Bar Suck

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