/enforcibility1863147.html,$21,Cleaning,XJHTJ,caps,Working,Tie,Cap,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Cap,Back,6,Adjus,Working,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Pcs /enforcibility1863147.html,$21,Cleaning,XJHTJ,caps,Working,Tie,Cap,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Cap,Back,6,Adjus,Working,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Pcs $21 XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back,6 Pcs Working caps Cleaning Cap Adjus Beauty Personal Care Personal Care XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back Brand Cheap Sale Venue Cleaning Adjus 6 caps Pcs $21 XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back,6 Pcs Working caps Cleaning Cap Adjus Beauty Personal Care Personal Care XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back Brand Cheap Sale Venue Cleaning Adjus 6 caps Pcs

XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back Brand Cheap Sale Venue Cleaning Adjus 6 Topics on TV caps Pcs

XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back,6 Pcs Working caps Cleaning Cap Adjus


XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back,6 Pcs Working caps Cleaning Cap Adjus

Product description

Style: Working cap
Material: Cotton
Gender : women amp; man
Size: Adjustable size,one size
Season: Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
Features: Cartoon pictures amp; Many flower shapes and colors printing Quality: High Quality,Soft,sweat-absorbent
Applicable places:
beauty salons,Pet veterinar,lab,kitchen,gardener.....
Scrub cap one size multi color,Adjustable design suitable for various head shapes.
cap use humanized design,the choice of soft comfortable,skin-friendly,breathable 100% cotton fabric,comfortable skin-friendly,Unisex,One size adjustable .
Hat frontier position use double fabric design and hat post is desgined by bandage which is adjustable as users'preference and show fashion。
The adjustable bouffant hats can be widely applied as beauty spa caps, chef caps, and more, help you fix hairstyles and keep your hair dry. Different bright colors are easy to match with your different clothes like jeans, dresses, shirts and more. They are beautiful and practical gifts for your friends and family members on birthday, anniversary, holidays and other meaningful occasions.

XJHTJ Working Cap Tie Back,6 Pcs Working caps Cleaning Cap Adjus

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