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YLYT 440C Left 67% OFF of fixed price Hand Hairdressing Stainless 2021new shipping free shipping Scissors Inch Ste 6.0

YLYT 440C Left Hand Hairdressing Scissors 6.0 Inch Stainless Ste


YLYT 440C Left Hand Hairdressing Scissors 6.0 Inch Stainless Ste

Product description

Precision grinding blades can provide you with professional cutting.
Comfortable to use, you can trim your hair easily and evenly. Can be used for men, women, the elderly, children and babies.
Hairdressing scissors should be stored in a cool, safe and dry place, free of moisture, dust and cosmetics. Wipe the blade regularly with an oil film to prevent stains and corrosion. Do not store them with other tools or other scissors.
After each use, store the scissors in a safe place to avoid accidents. Keep them out of the reach of children.

Material: 440C
Thinning rate:20-35%
Size: 6.0 inches
Full length: 17.5cm

What's in the box:
1 * Dental scissors
1 * Flat shear
1 * Scissors bag

Excellent Hairdressing Scissors! Choice of Professionals!

YLYT 440C Left Hand Hairdressing Scissors 6.0 Inch Stainless Ste

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