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Antique Nautical Trident Anchor Laundry Hamper With Handles Larg


Antique Nautical Trident Anchor Laundry Hamper With Handles Larg

Product description

Color:Multicolored 01

Are you still worried about the mess in the room, no place to put dirty clothes, and no place to store children's toys?
Our laundry basket is a great choice

Collapsible design: Convenient for travelling or home storage. Easily store when not in use. The four detachable support rods make it not easy to collapse when in use.
Large capacity: 19.3x11.8x15.9 In, Approximately 60L. Perfect size to storage a lot of clothes, kids toys, baby stuff, books, etc.
Durable material: Made of 300D oxford cloth with PVC material, water-resistant and not easy to get dirty.
Stylish Pattern: The pretty laundry baskets not only practical, but can be used as a good decor at home, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

Easy To Install:
When you need to use it, you only need to insert the support rods into the four corners of the laundry basket to easily support it. When not in use, just take out the support rod, it can be easily folded and stored. Easy to use and save space.

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Antique Nautical Trident Anchor Laundry Hamper With Handles Larg

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