Magnetic Window Cleaner for Sided 5 ☆ popular Double Glazed $23 Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Sided Glazed Window Magnetic Health Household Household Supplies $23 Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Sided Glazed Window Magnetic Health Household Household Supplies Magnetic Window Cleaner for Sided 5 ☆ popular Double Glazed $23,Magnetic,Health Household , Household Supplies,,Window,Double,for,Magnetic,Window,Sided,/daredevilism1819690.html,Glazed,Cleaner $23,Magnetic,Health Household , Household Supplies,,Window,Double,for,Magnetic,Window,Sided,/daredevilism1819690.html,Glazed,Cleaner

Las Vegas Mall Magnetic Window Cleaner for Sided 5 ☆ popular Double Glazed

Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Sided Glazed Window Magnetic


Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Sided Glazed Window Magnetic

Product description


How to use it?
1. Separate the two sides of wiper from each side
2. Dip the spong in the water with detergent.
3. Put the security rope on the wrist.
4. Open window and attach the half wiper (with safe rope) on outside window, attach the other half (with handle) inside window.
5. Move inside of wiper, start to clean window both sides.

Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Sided Glazed Window Magnetic

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