Meat Tenderizer Hammer 1 Super-cheap Piece Stainless Steel Sturdy Malle $26 Meat Tenderizer Hammer,1 Piece Sturdy Stainless Steel Meat Malle Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Piece,Steel,Meat,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Meat,Hammer,1,Sturdy,,/daredevilism1819590.html,Malle,Stainless,Tenderizer,$26 Piece,Steel,Meat,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Meat,Hammer,1,Sturdy,,/daredevilism1819590.html,Malle,Stainless,Tenderizer,$26 $26 Meat Tenderizer Hammer,1 Piece Sturdy Stainless Steel Meat Malle Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Meat Tenderizer Hammer 1 Super-cheap Piece Stainless Steel Sturdy Malle

Meat Selling Tenderizer Hammer 1 Super-cheap Piece Stainless Steel Sturdy Malle

Meat Tenderizer Hammer,1 Piece Sturdy Stainless Steel Meat Malle


Meat Tenderizer Hammer,1 Piece Sturdy Stainless Steel Meat Malle

Product description

Number of products: You will receive one product.
Product name: Meat Tenderizer Hammer
Product color: silver
Product material: stainless steel materia
Size: 25*6.5cm
Product features:
1. Speical design brings you a comfortable and convenient grip, easy and safe to use.
2. High quality and heavy weight zinc alloy and Stainless Steel make it durable and tenderize meat easily.
3. Double sides with different cone tips make the meat tenderizer hammer more effective and easier.
* Because the display is different, the product will have a little color difference, please prevail in kind, thank you.
* Any problem please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you.
* Because it is manual measurement, there will be 1-3CM error, please prevail in kind, thank you for understanding.

Meat Tenderizer Hammer,1 Piece Sturdy Stainless Steel Meat Malle

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