Rectangle Free shipping on posting reviews Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Cott Sunflower Animal Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cott,Tablecloth,Farm,Funny,$27,Cow,Animal,Rectangle/Square,Sunflower,/dangling1819893.html, Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cott,Tablecloth,Farm,Funny,$27,Cow,Animal,Rectangle/Square,Sunflower,/dangling1819893.html, $27 Rectangle/Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Animal Sunflower Cott Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Rectangle Free shipping on posting reviews Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Cott Sunflower Animal $27 Rectangle/Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Animal Sunflower Cott Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Rectangle Free shipping on posting reviews Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Cott 4 years warranty Sunflower Animal

Rectangle/Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Animal Sunflower Cott


Rectangle/Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Animal Sunflower Cott

Product description

Size:60 x 104 Inch

Comfortable and soft cotton linen tablecloths with vivid patterns add a unique charm to your home decoration.
High-quality tablecloths are dyed with high-quality dyes, with good fixing effect, not easy to fade, anti-wrinkle, long-lasting and durable. Friends and family of all ages can relax and celebrate indoors or out, with no worries about its easy-care.
With many different colors and sizes to choose from, you will easily find tablecloth to coordinate with your decor.There are various sizes for you to choose:
52 x 52 Inch(133 x 133 cm)
52 x 70 Inch(133 x 178 cm)
54 x 54 Inch(138 x 138 cm)
54 x 79 Inch(138 x 200 cm)
54 x 87 Inch(138 x 220 cm)
60 x 60 Inch(153 x 153 cm)
60 x 84 Inch(153 x 214 cm)
60 x 90 Inch(153 x 229 cm)
60 x 104 Inch(153 x 265 cm)
60 x 120 Inch(153 x 305 cm)
1.The picture may not reflect the actual color as different monitor display and light effect.
2.Avoid the use of hard brush and excessive friction, making the deformation of the table cloth damage.
3.Please kindly measure your table before purchasing, the size of table cloth is usually larger than the size of the table.
Customer Service:
We are committed to serving customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Rectangle/Square Tablecloth Funny Cow Farm Animal Sunflower Cott

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