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WANGLI Sports Accessories Dedication LEIJIAER BKT 776X Tucson Mall in Hyg Soft 1 No.7 5

WANGLI Sports Accessories LEIJIAER BKT 776X 5 in 1 No.7 Soft Hyg


WANGLI Sports Accessories LEIJIAER BKT 776X 5 in 1 No.7 Soft Hyg

Product description

1. Hygroscopic PU leather, moderate in touch and resistant to hitting.
2. Ship without inflation.
3. Weight: 600-650g.
4. Diameter: about 24cm.
5. Perimeter: 75-76cm.
6. Entangling yarn: 2060M.
7. Suitable for the crowd: men.

Packing list:
Basketball x 1
Ball bag (random color delivery) x 1
Bracers (shipped in random colors) x 1
Inflator x 1
Air needle x 1

WANGLI Sports Accessories LEIJIAER BKT 776X 5 in 1 No.7 Soft Hyg

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