Linon Detroit Mall Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester in Blue Rug 3'3"x5' $30 Linon Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester 3'3"x5' Rug in Blue Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $30,Eclipse,/characetum1862995.html,Woven,Blue,Clamber,3'3"x5',Linon,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Polyester,Rug,in Linon Detroit Mall Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester in Blue Rug 3'3"x5' $30,Eclipse,/characetum1862995.html,Woven,Blue,Clamber,3'3"x5',Linon,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Polyester,Rug,in $30 Linon Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester 3'3"x5' Rug in Blue Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Linon Detroit Mall Eclipse Ranking TOP3 Clamber Woven Polyester in Blue Rug 3'3

Linon Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester 3'3"x5' Rug in Blue


Linon Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester 3'3"x5' Rug in Blue

Product description

The Eclipse Collection creates a sophisticated timeless look with traditional colors and designs with exquisite details. The rugs are low profile with minimal pile height and the designs are applied using cutting edge technology with a new heat transfer process giving extra life to the designs with crisp edges and pops of color. The low pile and detailed designs give the rugs the look and feel of a handmade silk rug while keeping the rugs affordable.

Features :

Crafted from 100% Microfiber Polyester
Felt with Rubber Grip Backing
Woven with Digital Heat Transferred Printing
Blue and Ivory
Latex Free
Vacuum regularly using suction only, disengage the beater bar. Spot clean with damp cloth and mild detergent. Professional cleaning recommended..

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : 3'3" X 5'
Product Weight : 9 lbs
Warranty : 30 days free of Manufacturers Defects.

Linon Eclipse Clamber Woven Polyester 3'3"x5' Rug in Blue

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