qazxsw Hedge Cheap mail order sales Shears with Straight Aluminum Blade Durable and Tub,Straight,and,Blade,/cervicovaginal1880787.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$84,Shears,Tub,with,Hedge,Durable,Aluminum,qazxsw qazxsw Hedge Cheap mail order sales Shears with Straight Aluminum Blade Durable and Tub $84 qazxsw Hedge Shears with Straight Blade and Durable Aluminum Tub Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools,Straight,and,Blade,/cervicovaginal1880787.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$84,Shears,Tub,with,Hedge,Durable,Aluminum,qazxsw $84 qazxsw Hedge Shears with Straight Blade and Durable Aluminum Tub Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

qazxsw Hedge Cheap mail order sales Shears with Straight Aluminum Blade Durable Max 85% OFF and Tub

qazxsw Hedge Shears with Straight Blade and Durable Aluminum Tub


qazxsw Hedge Shears with Straight Blade and Durable Aluminum Tub

Product description

Product Description
The shear is designed to help you quickly cover a large area, because its long tapered blade, end curvature and bevel are optimized for mass cutting and detailed cutting.

Product parameter
Name: 10-inch stainless steel hedge trimmer
Material: high quality stainless steel/PVC handle/aluminum tube
Size: Full length 64.5cm/25.39In, cutting head length 23cm/9In

1. When pruning, don't get too close to the new shoots. Tilt pruning can avoid damage to plants. It is recommended that the pruned branches should be within 0.4CM, and thick branches are not recommended.
2. After normal use, it is recommended to wipe the sludge resin impurities on the scissors with a cloth (oil, lubricating oil) dipped in a small amount of oil to prevent the blades from rusting.

qazxsw Hedge Shears with Straight Blade and Durable Aluminum Tub

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