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XiuLi Liquid Paint Some reservation Vortex Mail order Mixer Lab Tattoo Pigment Shaker

XiuLi Liquid Paint Vortex Mixer, Lab Mixer Tattoo Pigment Shaker


XiuLi Liquid Paint Vortex Mixer, Lab Mixer Tattoo Pigment Shaker

Product description

-------------------PRODUCT DESCRIPTION-----------------
As a mini liquid vortex mixer, Pigment shaker is a portable machine to mix all kinds of colored liquids.
With a Intelligent sensing design, this shaking machine can mix the liquids like tattoo ink in 5 seconds. And the rotating speed can be up to 5200rpm.
With plug-and-play design, this mini vortex mixer is also lightweight and convenient to use.
All these smart design will greatly help you to improve the working efficiency.

Item Name: Tattoo Pigment Shaker
Voltage: 100-240V,50-60HZ
Color: Black
Mixing time: 5 seconds
Rotating Speed: 5200 rpm
Net weight: 370g
Dimensions: 160x110x85mm

-----------------HOW TO USE------------------
1. Connect your power supply.
2. Put the bottle on the machine; Press the bottle down gently
4. After about 5 seconds, the mixing is completed.

---------------PACKAGE LIST----------------
1 x Tattoo Shaker
1 x Charge Cable

XiuLi Liquid Paint Vortex Mixer, Lab Mixer Tattoo Pigment Shaker

Look For

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