/allow1862875.html,Large,Storage,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Wardrobe,Organiser,Assembly,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$165,AWSAD,Plastic,Wardrobe AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Large Storage Spasm price Plastic /allow1862875.html,Large,Storage,www.turmadofundao.com.br,Wardrobe,Organiser,Assembly,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$165,AWSAD,Plastic,Wardrobe AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Large Storage Spasm price Plastic $165 AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Wardrobe Storage Plastic Large Home Kitchen Furniture $165 AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Wardrobe Storage Plastic Large Home Kitchen Furniture

AWSAD Wardrobe Ranking TOP16 Organiser Assembly Large Storage Spasm price Plastic

AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Wardrobe Storage Plastic Large


AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Wardrobe Storage Plastic Large

Product description

Color:12 Doors C

Product name: Plastic assembled wardrobe

Material: resin sheet + ABS buckle (connector) + steel rod (frame)
Color: pearl white
Size: 39cm×47cm×39cm

1. Small shape, large capacity, 55 liters of each cell
2. Strong bearing and durability,
3. Free stacking, so that the clothes have a stable home
4. The magic film material is all processed, formed by environmentally friendly resin particles, pollution-free and zero formaldehyde formation
5. The buckle is made of ABS wear-resistant plastic with long service life
6. Our steel wire is made of thicker material, stronger, stronger, and has better carrying capacity

AWSAD Wardrobe Organiser Assembly Wardrobe Storage Plastic Large

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