Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Diamond,$154,Abrasive,10Pcs,Spherical,ABST10645,Point,/allow1819975.html,Coated,,Mounted ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Mounted Spherical Point Coated Financial sales sale ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Mounted Spherical Point Coated Financial sales sale Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Diamond,$154,Abrasive,10Pcs,Spherical,ABST10645,Point,/allow1819975.html,Coated,,Mounted $154 ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Coated Mounted Point Spherical Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $154 ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Coated Mounted Point Spherical Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Elegant Mounted Spherical Point Coated Financial sales sale

ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Coated Mounted Point Spherical


ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Coated Mounted Point Spherical

Product description

Item Description:

Item name: diamond mounted points

Head Diameter:6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 25 30mm

Shank diameter:6mm


Description:Diamond grinding head is made of grade diamond electroplating with multi diamond. It is mainly used for grinding and processing mold processing and repair stone carving carving cutting lines grinding hollowing jade carving glass carving cleaning and casting forging edge of welding burr welding seam. Tooth grinding. The processing of the chamfering and grooves of various mechanical parts. Clean the pipe and finish the inner hole and surface of the machine parts. It can be used in electric grinder engraving machine hanging mill and pneumatic carving pen.

Need Other Customized Mounted Points Leave message.

Item Specification:

DIY Supplies: Metalworking

Type: Abrasive Disc

is_customized: Yes

ABST10645 Abrasive 10Pcs Diamond Coated Mounted Point Spherical

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