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Livronic Basic professional folding Max 63% OFF guit stand music Bombing new work orchestral

Livronic Basic professional folding orchestral music stand, guit


Livronic Basic professional folding orchestral music stand, guit

Product description


✔ Are you looking for the best gift for your daughter or son and friends?
✔Are you worried about not having good tools to support your score?
These lightweight music stands are perfect for anyone from beginners to professional musicians!
Sturdy, adjustable bookshelves make these stands not only suitable for storing music scores and books. It can also make the laptop more load-bearing
Name: Music Stand/Dual-use Sheet Music Stand /Portable Metal Music Sheet Stand/Desktop Book Stand /Reinforced Folding Music Stand/Extra Stable
Craft: handmade/hollow
Material: Steel
Range of use: books, notebooks, etc.
Suitable for scenes: school, orchestra, choir, church band, classroom.
Package Contents:
1*Music Stand
1*Storage bag
1*Music folder
【customer service】:
★Due to different display methods and lighting, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. thank you for understanding
★We only sell music stands, the others are props, not commodities
★There are many products of similar styles in this shop, if you are interested, you can click to view
★If you have any questions, please contact me, I will solve your problem within 24 hours

Livronic Basic professional folding orchestral music stand, guit

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