Steel,High,Handmade,Manganese,and,/Roxana1863094.html,TRUEKATANA,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$125,,Flower,Saya,Tsu,Red TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Tsu and Online limited product Flower Saya TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Tsu and Online limited product Flower Saya $125 TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Saya and Flower Tsu Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Steel,High,Handmade,Manganese,and,/Roxana1863094.html,TRUEKATANA,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$125,,Flower,Saya,Tsu,Red $125 TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Saya and Flower Tsu Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Tsu and Online limited product Super sale period limited Flower Saya

TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Saya and Flower Tsu


TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Saya and Flower Tsu

Product description

Color: Darkred
Primary Material: Manganese Steel
Style: Katana
#Manganese Steel
#Red Saya
#Flower Tsuba
#Full Tang

TRUEKATANA Handmade High Manganese Steel Red Saya and Flower Tsu

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